Buying Commercial Real Estate

The decision to buy commercial real estate comes with a flood of considerations. If one fails to perform due diligence, the risks increase in number and cost. At Quality Commercial Real Estate, we approach every transaction from your perspective. This mindset allows us to uncover issues unique to each client so that we may effectively help you mitigate and manage the risks involved in a commercial real estate transaction.

For Tenants

One major consideration facing commercial real estate buyers is whether to buy or lease. When making key occupancy decisions, Quality Commercial Real Estate can perform the tasking but necessary analysis: comparative lease analysis, lease versus purchase analysis, lease buyout analysis, and sale-leaseback analysis. We will filter out the noise of numbers and make sure that you have only the hard facts in your hand to confidently move forward.

For Investors

The national real estate market is experiencing an upswing, but here in Central South Texas -- business has been steady and sturdy. Population numbers continue to grow along with new jobs and businesses.  Whether you are investing in office, industrial, multi-family or retail property, Quality Commercial Real Estate can assist you in your strategic analysis. 

Services provided to Commercial Real Estate Buyers:

  • TREC Disclosure Form
  • Lease versus Buy analysis
  • Provide listing of matching available properties and recommendations
  • Purchase strategy
  • Schedule property visits accompanied by a professional
  • Prepare and present offers to sellers
  • Negotiate the contract on behalf of the client
  • Attend the closing to ensure it runs smoothly
  • Assist the client with referrals for any closing concerns

Tools used in Commercial Real Estate Buying Strategy:


  • A one-stop-shop for demographic analysis -- rich in data, highly customizable in search queries, with extremely detailed filters.


  • A property listing service which allows us to filter commercial properties for sale that match a buyer's needs.


  • This system connects all national & international Certified Commercial Investment Members, effectively expanding our Central South Texas market into a global network.


  • A standard tool in the commercial real estate industry, ARGUS is a complex real estate valuation program that allows us to evaluate investment properties from every financial aspect and include market assumptions.