Selling Commercial Real Estate

So when is a good time to sell? For any investment transaction, that's a question that involves a great deal of research and analysis to answer.

To secure the highest return on your real estate investment, market analysis is perhaps the most critical step and deserves to be viewed from every possible angle. What is the market going to pay you tomorrow versus six months to a year from now? Quality Commercial Real Estate can provide you with comparative analysis on consumer demographics (spending, income, etc.), the market potential targeted to your industry, traffic reports, map of competition and employees … and that's just scratching the surface of the types of detailed research we can provide.

Additional Services Provided to Commercial Real Estate Sellers:

  • TREC Disclosure Form
  • Financial analysis
  • Submission to property listing sites
  • Marketing through broker network
  • Creation of marketing material
  • Signage creation and placement
  • Property tours provided by a professional
  • Marketing reporting 

Tools Used in Commercial Real Estate Selling Strategy:


  • A one-stop-shop for demographic analysis -- rich in data, highly customizable in search queries, with extremely detailed filters.

Xceligent, CoStar, LoopNet - Property Listing Services

  • Batch listings to thousands of commercial real estate brokers across the globe
  • Rich real estate intelligence
  • Advanced tools to research and analyze current market conditions and assess property valuations


  • This system connects all Certified Commercial Investment Members, expanding our South Texas market into an international network.
  • Only reach those brokers who have interest in your property type.
  • Access to specialized expertise within the network


  • This tool aids in property valuation for disposition; it allows us to keep a finger on the pulse of the fluctuating market cap rate and determine the peak selling period in the market.