Why invest in Texas? Everything is bigger in Texas including real estate investment opportunities. The Texas economy is strong and fueled by a wealth of natural resources, leading colleges and universities, and a variety of industries. Due to favorable tax laws and other business-friendly factors, many large companies have moved their headquarters to the Lone Star State. In total, there are over 50 Fortune 500 Companies that call Texas home including Sysco, American Airlines, Exxon Mobil, AT&T, Kimberly-Clark, Texas Instruments, and Tenet Healthcare. A strong economy leads to an increase in jobs which is one of the critical factors that affects real estate investments. The promising future of Texas' economy and job market means investors will have a high supply of opportunities within their reach. We will assist you in identifying and vetting the real estate investment opportunities that fulfil your specific requirements.


The EB-5 Visa provides a way for foreign nationals to obtain U.S. residency by making a qualifying investment in a business located in the United States. The EB-5 Visa will provide permanent residency for the applicant, for their spouse and for any children they have under the age of 21 and avoids the usual requirements of having family connections, securing a job, or running an actively trading business. We will assist you in working through the process by identifying investment opportunities and connecting you with the right professionals to ensure the transition is smooth and effective.


Real estate utilized in the course of your business is a financial discussion as much as it is a real estate discussion. In fact, your business location is likely to be one of the largest investments you will make in your business. Whether you are buying or leasing you want to work with a company that has your financial interest in mind.